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Bigger Breast Implants, Bigger Problems

Bigger Breast Implants, Bigger Problems

We first warned you about the dangers of getting breast implants that are too large for your body type. Patients may experience problems such as back pain, and eventually breast descent and sagging. The latest celeb to realize "big" can really be "too big" is Heidi Montag, who in January, got upgraded to a G cup.

Heidi, pictured here, recently told a magazine she regrets it, and feels trapped in her own body. She's planning on having breast reduction surgery.
You too can learn from Heidi's mistake. There's nothing wrong with wanting full, voluptuous breasts, but you must know your limits and set realistic expectations. That can be especially hard in places like Miami, where the trend is to go big. Your surgeon can help you determine the best size for you by looking at things such as your base width, how much skin you have to cover your implants, and the amount of tissue you have to work with.

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