Special Deal on Brazilian Butt Lift

Coral Gables Cosmetic Center is offering a special promotion on the Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer. For a limited time, you can get 20% off this surgery that will leave you with sexy buttocks, and that "desired" hourglass figure.

This procedure is different than buttock implants in that fat from your own body is used to sculpt your buttocks. You get the added benefit of liposuction in areas where you may have unwanted fat, such as your stomach, thighs, love handles or upper and lower back. Our "Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer" expert, Surgeons, are board certified, and say the procedure can totally transform a patient's body for the better. Basically, he removes the unwanted fat, purifies it, and then uses it to give a new shape to the buttocks.

Here's your chance to get those perky, firm buttocks you've always desired. Learn more now!

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