Seniors Like Plastic Surgery Too

Seniors who want to stay more than "young at heart" are turning to plastic surgery.

Florida plastic surgeons say they are seeing more patients, both men and women, over age 65 who want to stay young by looking young. That's according to an article in the St. Petersburg Times. One patient quoted sought an eye lift in her late 60s after friends kept telling her she looked tired. Exercising three times a week just wasn't cutting it for her. Now 75 years old, she went back five years ago for chin work.

Why the surge in senior surgery?

According to one doctor, people are living longer and they don't necessarily see themselves as older. If you don't feel it, why should you look it, right? The article makes a good point that as people age, they may have more health problems and take medication, both of which can make surgery riskier.

Plastic surgery is up among patients over 65 with more than 675,000 procedures performed just last year. Face lifts and eye lifts are among the most popular, along with Botox in the non-invasive category. All this despite Medicare and private insurance not covering these procedures unless medically necessary.

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