Trend Alert: Stem Cell Face Lift

It's called a stem cell face lift, but it's not what you think. This type of face lift involves removing fat from your lower body, purifying it, and then injecting it into your face. The term is sort of a misnomer, since it really is not an actual face lift, as we surgically know it, and what's being injected is fat. However, fat does contain adult stem cells.

Fairly new, some doctors predict stem cells are the future of plastic surgery. The reason is stem cells can transform into new cells where they're transplanted, and in theory could generate fresh, younger looking tissue. It is not FDA approved since the stem cell face lift is still experimental.

One of the first patients out there to try out this promising stem cell face lift is rocker Courtney Love. Sam Rizk, M.D., the alleged doctor who performed the procedure on Love (he won't confirm), says using a patient's fat can last longer, up to five years longer, than synthetic dermal fillers. Also, the risk for rejection is smaller since the fat comes from the patient's own body.

The downside? It can also result in lumps, bruising, swelling, assymetry or infection. The greatest risk, although extremely rare, is a fat embolism in which some of the injected fat enters the bloodstream.

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