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CG Cosmetic Surgery Complaints?

CG Cosmetic Surgery Complaints?

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CG Cosmetic Surgery is continuously working hard to provide a better service and overall experience for our patients, our high rate of patient satisfaction are a sign of excellence in our services. CG Cosmetic Surgery was just awarded with the "Black Diamond" certification. The certification is awarded to leaders in the field of medical aesthetics and demonstrates their commitment to innovation, excellence and the highest level of patient care.



by Monica 02/28/2011

I highly recommend Coral Gables Cosmetic Center in Miami where I did my breast augmentation with Dr Simon , Im very happy with everything including the Staff and the nurses.

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by Lumey 02/23/2011

I did a breast augmentation in coral gables cosmetic center in miami and I am very happy because my look changed and my husband is very happy too. doctors and nurses are very specials.

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by evelyn 02/21/2011

I did a breast augmentation and it went really good. I told the doctor what i wanted and he exceeded my expectations. I had little pain and the recovery was awesome. I am extremely happy with my results.

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by Vicente 02/21/2011

i got a fat transfer in coral gables cosmetic center,in Miami,that procedure changed my life,I am so happy,my body is perfect now and I waiting for the summer,I appreciate the excellent work of doctor,nurses and other workers,thanks.

by cami2888 01/04/2011

I did my saline breast implant in 2006 when i had 18 years old, by 2009 i exchange to bigger size and silicone implant, in both surgeries my results was amazing, all my friends did surgery there , all my family member did surgery there, i trust in this office because they are been in practice for many years and all doctors there are board certified.

by Estelita 12/23/2010

Hola paso a dejarles mi experiencia en esta clinica y vine desde san Francisco, ca . A miami hacerme el aumento de mis senos y eh quedado sastisfecha con los resultados y la atencion del Doctor Craft. Excelente servicios de todos se los recomiendo muchas gracias .

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