What Should I Discuss with My Breast Lift Surgeon?

What Should I Discuss with My Breast Lift Surgeon?

If you have been considering having a breast lift, you probably have a lot of questions about the procedure and what it can do for you. Actually, you should be asking all kinds of questions before having any type of surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, to make sure that you are doing something that is going to be right for you.

For information about the breast lift Miami procedure, South Florida residents know that the best way to learn what they need to know is to ask their breast lift surgeon directly. Remember, not only do you need to ask about the procedure itself, you should also be asking the surgeon about his or her qualifications. 

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions people ask surgeons about their work:

  • Where did you receive your education/training?
  • What is your level of experience performing breast uplift surgery, and how many have you performed?
  • Is this type of surgery a specialty for you?
  • What are your success rates, and can you speak with former patients to see what they thought about their experiences?
  • Do you have before and after photographs I can look at?
  • Are you a member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), AAPS (American Association of Plastic Surgeons) or another professional organization?
  • Are you listed by the Specialist Register of Plastic Surgery by the GMC?

Once you have learned about your surgeon’s qualifications and you are satisfied that he or she is the best to perform your plastic surgery breast lift, there are more questions you are going to need to ask. You need to learn everything you can about the procedure you are about to undergo, so that you know everything that is involved, including the risks. It is important to remember that there are going to be risks with this type of procedure, as there are risks with any type of surgery. Here are some of the questions you need to ask before having breast uplift surgery:

  • What is involved with this type of procedure?
  • Do you have any reading material about breast uplift surgery, or is there anything you can recommend?
  • Am I a good candidate for breast uplift surgery?
  • How long does breast uplift surgery take?
  • Is there any pain following this type of procedure?
  • Are there any complications or risks with this type of surgery?
  • What type of anesthesia is used?
  • Can I choose the hospital or clinic where I want to have this procedure performed?
  • How much does this type of cosmetic surgery cost?
  • What is included in that price, and are there any additional costs?
  • If I set up a surgery, then change my mind, will I have any financial obligations?

Once you have discussed all of the ins and outs of the surgery itself, you will want to learn about post-operative care, and what you should expect after your surgery. The following are some questions you should ask about what you will need to do following a breast uplift surgery:

  • When can I expect to see the results of the surgery?
  • Will I be able to breast feed after having breast uplift surgery?
  • How long is the recovery process?
  • Will I have sensation in my nipples following surgery?
  • How often will I need to change the dressing?
  • Is there any pain involved, and will I need to take pain medication?
  • How long will I have to stay in bed?
  • When will I be able to exercise?
  • How long will it be before I can lift anything?

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