Are Silicone Implants Better Than Saline?

Are Silicone Implants Better Than Saline?

Getting your breast implants procedure done is a big step to take. There are lots of things to think about and decide upon including things like which plastic surgeon to choose and which type of implant to use.

The best decision you can make is an informed decision. By reading this and doing further research you can rest assured you make the best decision for you for your breast augmentation.

Weighing Your Options - The Pros and Cons

The first thing to keep in mind when trying to decide which type of implant to use for your breast augmentation is that saline and silicone gel filled are your two main options. Both actually have a silicone outer casing but are filled with either silicone or saline.

While implants from the early days of a breast implants procedure were more prone to having problems, implants of today have come a long way. That isn't to say there is no risk whatsoever, but the likelihood has certainly decreased.

So consider these points when considering which type of implant to get:

  • Saline is usually filled at the time of the surgery while silicone is not.
  • Silicone is thought to feel more natural as it more closely resembles the feel of human fat. Silicone is often though to feel tougher, but surgeons have been starting to overcome this by placing the implant under muscle to create a more natural feel.
  • Silicone is still more likely to cause a greater health risk hazard should a leak occur.
  • The minimum age for saline filled implants is only 18 while silicone requires the patient to be at least 22.
  • Silicone implants generally come with a higher price tag attached.
  • Due to the fact that silicone implants cannot be filled at the time of surgery, as saline ones are, the incision required to put the implant in place is generally longer. This results in a longer scar as well.
  • Usually saline breast implants are about $1,000 cheaper per pair when compared to silicone.
  • Larger sized saline breast implants tend to have a slightly higher rate of sagging at a later date because they are heavier than the silicone version.

Making the Decision

Ultimately, you make the final decision when it comes to your implant choice. Unless you are having a reconstructive type of plastic surgery procedure in which your doctor may be the one making the final decision for whether you choose silicone or saline based implants. Otherwise, it will be up to you.

So how do you make the choice?

Talk with the plastic surgeon you intend to have perform your breast augmentation surgery. Ask him or her for their professional opinion.

Check online for message boards with reviews. The best way to get an idea of how the average person feels about her breast augmentation surgery is to hear from them directly.

Decide what is most important to you for your plastic surgery procedure and let that determine whether you want silicone or saline. For instance if your main priority is to have a boob job that actually looks and feels natural, then silicone may be your best option.

Take your size, shape and body type into consideration. For smaller women with less breast tissue, silicone is generally the preferred approach. For heavier set women with greater amounts of breast tissue, saline actually can work out better.

If you are concerned about the potential of leaks later, talk to your doctor and consider using the saline option.

Once you have made the decision to go through with a boob job, the other details are minor. They may seem overwhelming but with a little research and advice from an expert you can make the best choice for you.

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