Overview on Injectables

Overview on Injectables

There are numerous different types of plastic surgeries performed today from a boob job, Brazilian buttock lift, to rhinoplasty or other facial procedures. Often these procedures are incredibly expensive, and people look for other less invasive options. Here, we are going to focus on injectable anti-aging options.

It's Important to Choose Your Injector Wisely

People need to think long and hard before forgoing any sort of plastic surgery because a surgery is permanent. It's not like getting a new haircut, where you can always grow it back out. There are lots of people who are just starting to recognize the signs of aging and would like to slow this process but without invasive means with a high price tag.

Injectable treatment options are progressing forward quickly, and people seem to be opting for these quick treatments instead of going under the knife.


  • The procedure can be done during an office visit.
  • Anesthetic isn't required.
  • The needles are so small that there is little discomfort.
  • Simple nerve blocks can be used if necessary.
  • Very little time is needed for recovery.

With regards to the popular treatment of wrinkles, you can choose from two basic groups of injectables.

Neuromuscular Toxins or Soft Tissue Fillers

Neuromuscular Toxins: A plastic surgeon Miami knows this option is generally for people who are just starting to notice fine lines and want to nip them in the bud so to speak. What happens here is these neuromuscular toxins will paralyze the muscle that is making you wrinkle temporarily, usually three to four months. They essentially short-circuit the nerve signals that make your muscle contract. This is a precise method because it works where it's injected.

Botox. Reloxin. PurTox: These are a few of the recognizable names.

The Risks

  • Bruising at the injection site
  • A rare chance of infection
  • Accidentally affecting other muscles

A cosmetic surgeon knows this option is incredibly popular because the risks are minimal and the outcome encouraging.

Soft Tissue Fillers Option

This group of injectable treatment options is also quite popular. This treatment option is preferred for more pronounced wrinkles. What the fillers do is give volume to your face. This will:

  • Fill your face out
  • Smooth out lines
  • Augment softer tissue such as your lips
  • Augment your facial structure (bone)

So What Are the Risks?

  • Bruising
  • Unevenness of tissue
  • Discoloration or redness
  • Personal reactions to the product
  • Very rarely a local infection

There are all sorts of filler options, and generally the softer the filler the shorter it lasts. A soft filler would be used for the lips and a longer lasting filler would be used for regions such as the nasolabial folds. Historically, a cosmetic surgeon understands the most popular fillers were connected with collagen. The sources ranged from human to bovine. It's wise to have a skin injection beforehand to rule out any allergic reactions. In general, collagen based fillers will be effective for up to six months and most people report them feeling very natural.

Recently there has been a group of fillers available that are based on a sugar that is naturally found in your skin. The benefit of this is that allergic reactions almost never occur.

The fillers work just like how a sponge soaks up water, and essentially they hydrate the skin and this mimics a cushion. This is very natural feeling and looking. Of course research continues and various other new fillers are emerging regularly that affect the plastic surgery industry as a whole.

If you aren't happy with the toll the natural aging process is taking on your appearance, injectables may be the right move for you. Consider your options and may the best choice reign supreme!

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