Wackiest Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentations and tummy tucks have become pretty mainstream. But, have you ever wondered what are some of the more outlandish surgical treatments people are seeking? Here's five, according to the Daily Beast:

Dimpleplasty: Most people think dimples are adorable, and the perfect complement to a smile. The surgery essentially creates a permanent scar to give you the dimple so make sure you a pick a qualified surgeon to do it. Also note, as you age, your dimple can go south, causing a sagging look.

Abdominal etching: Envy "The Situation's" six-pack? This type of liposuction sculpts fat to give you those abs you crave.
Eyebrow transplants: If you have thin eyebrows, or over the years overdid it on the plucking, no worries! An eyebrow transplant basically takes hair from your head to plump up those brows.

Toe shortening: This one is a favorite among people who's second toe is longer than their big toe.

Collagen feet fillers: While on the subject of feet, here's another peculiar one. A surgeon injects protein into the ball of your heel to give you extra padding. Who would get this done? Anyone who really LOVES their Manolo Blahniks.

Other procedures that made the list include cankle liposuction, chin cleft surgery, belly button surgery, and toddler teeth whitening.

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