What Should I Discuss with My Breast Lift Surgeon?

What Should I Discuss with My Breast Lift Surgeon?

If you have been considering having a breast lift, you probably have a lot of questions about the procedure and what it can do for you. Actually, you should be asking all kinds of questions before having any type of surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, to make sure that you are doing something that is going ...

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Breast Augmentation Price War in Miami – How to Choose the Right Place?

Breast Augmentation Price War in Miami – How to Choose the Right Place?

Breast implants have become one of the most popular and common procedures performed as far as cosmetic surgery procedures go. The demand is higher in Miami, Florida than it is in many other areas throughout the country. For this reason, however, a price war between various plastic surgeons has been raging for quite a while ...

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Adjustable Breast Implants

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation is not an easy task, there many factor that can affect your results, one of them is what type of implants are you choosing, silicone implants, saline implants and also adjustable breast implants. This last type of implants actually allows the surgeon to slowly fill the implants and adjust the ...

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Plastic Surgery Abroad - is it dangerous?

In the past we wrote about plastic surgery abroad and the possible complications you might be face, today we came a cross and article where the make some shocking comparison:

Researchers reported a series of 8 U.S. residents who, in a 2 year period, were infected with Mycobacterium abscessus after having undergone body contouring ...

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CG Cosmetic Surgery Complaints?

CG Cosmetic Surgery Complaints?

Want to be heard?

Let your voice be heard, use the comments box below to share your story!

CG Cosmetic Surgery is continuously working hard to provide a better service and overall experience for our patients, our high rate of patient satisfaction are a sign of excellence in our services. CG Cosmetic Surgery was just ...

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Breast Implants Cost

For those looking to improve their appearance through plastic surgery, Miami is very competitive market where you can get a very good deal by skilled surgeons, if you do your research. Breast implants cost may vary depending on the plastic surgeon's training and skills, these are important factors when considering breast augmentation. The best ...

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Miami Plastic Surgery for 2011

2010 has been an incredible year for plastic surgery in Miami, Coral Gables Cosmetic would like to thank the community, employees and volunteers for making it an incredible year. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and all of the best for the New Year.

In our continued efforts to provide an exceptional customer ...

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