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Trend Alert: Stem Cell Face Lift

It's called a stem cell face lift, but it's not what you think. This type of face lift involves removing fat from your lower body, purifying it, and then injecting it into your face. The term is sort of a misnomer, since it really is not an actual face lift, as we surgically ...

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Hyperbaric Chamber Helps Heal Face Lifts

Healing after a face lift is getting a "lift" from hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. Hyperbaric chambers have long been used for medical reasons -- to treat decompression sickness, to help burn victims , and to heal stubborn wounds in diabetics. These are just some of the ways HBO therapy, the medical use of oxygen at a level ...

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Coming to a bride near you: bridalplasty. The E! network is reportedly launching a show where brides-to-be compete for plastic surgery. The reality series, called "Bridalplasty," follows aspiring brides as they complete wedding-related challenges. The winner chooses a plastic surgery procedure of her choice -- whether it's breast implants, a buttock augmentation or rhinoplasty. She ...

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