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Silicone, Saline, Gummy Bear, Smooth, Textured or Round? Choosing Your Breast Implants

Silicone, Saline, Gummy Bear, Smooth, Textured or Round? Choosing Your Breast Implants

If you want round, plump breasts then you will benefit best from a breast augmentation procedure. If you have never had a chance to consider breast implants before, you are probably not even sure where to begin. There are many options to consider and the type of implant you choose should be based on your ...

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CGC Cosmetic Surgery - Questions and Spectrum of Aesthetic Procedures

CGC Cosmetic Surgery - Questions and Spectrum of Aesthetic Procedures

Having any type of plastic surgery procedure done is not something that anyone should do on a whim, and there are a good number of things that everyone considering plastic surgery needs to learn about the particular procedure they are thinking about having. It is a good idea to make up a list of questions ...

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Cosmetic surgery resources when choosing a plastic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery resources when choosing a plastic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery resources to the rescue when choosing a plastic surgeon.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Choosing a plastic surgeon you can trust begins with making sure your surgeon is board certified. ASPS Member Surgeons in the United States and Canada must meet rigorous standards.

The ASPS website provides a tool to find a ASPS ...

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Wackiest Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentations and tummy tucks have become pretty mainstream. But, have you ever wondered what are some of the more outlandish surgical treatments people are seeking? Here's five, according to the Daily Beast:

Dimpleplasty: Most people think dimples are adorable, and the perfect complement to a smile. The surgery ...

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FAQ Plastic Surgery

Everyone has something they'd like to improve about their appearance. Maybe, you'd like fuller breasts, a flat stomach, or a perky backside. Whatever you'd like to change, it's probably possible with plastic surgery. Maybe you've thought about it, but are unsure, and have questions. Here's some help to get ...

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Plastic Surgery Abroad - is it dangerous?

In the past we wrote about plastic surgery abroad and the possible complications you might be face, today we came a cross and article where the make some shocking comparison:

Researchers reported a series of 8 U.S. residents who, in a 2 year period, were infected with Mycobacterium abscessus after having undergone body contouring ...

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